Bookkeeper Amsterdam:
Your reliable partner for self-employed accounting

Discover the personal support that Boekhouder Amsterdam offers to freelancers.

We are available 7 days a week, even after 17:00 and on weekends.

For a fixed price of only €80.- excluding VAT per month, we ensure that your finances are in good hands.

Whether you are already self-employed in Amsterdam or are still considering becoming self-employed, contact us today on 06-1393 6399.

At Boekhouder Amsterdam you have the freedom to choose the package that perfectly suits your needs:

  • Take advantage of our all-inclusive annual subscription for complete peace of mind.
  • Choose our advantageous fixed monthly price, without surprises afterwards.
  • Or go for flexibility with our hourly base work, where you only pay for what you need.
Peter Brink ZZP Accountant
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More than a bookkeeper

We believe that your success as a freelancer goes beyond just keeping track of your finances. That’s why we offer you not only accounting expertise, but also valuable coaching and a sounding board you can rely on.

At Boekhouder Amsterdam, we like to go beyond the traditional role of an accountant. Of course, the balance has to be right, but in addition, we strive to support your personal growth and business development. With our in-depth knowledge of the self-employed market, we are happy to act as your sparring partner, providing you with valuable advice and a fresh perspective on your business.

Available at your convenience

We understand that your time is precious, which is why we offer flexible appointment times to fit your busy schedule. You can therefore reach us seven days a week, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Your reliable self-employed accountant in Amsterdam

Boekhouder Amsterdam is your reliable partner in the region. Whether you’re looking for an experienced self-employed bookkeeper in Amsterdam or looking to grow your business, we’re here to help. So contact us today and find out how we can support you with your company’s accounting!

Let us guide you to financial success. Contact Boekhouder Amsterdam for a no-obligation consultation and take the first step towards a strong business future.

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Want to know more? We’d love to hear from you!

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    Specialist for freelancers in Amsterdam

    We are the specialist for the starting freelancer.

    From as little as 80 euros excluding VAT per month, we take care of your entire self-employed bookkeeping.

    Diagram with an overview of the services offered by ZZP Boekhouder in Utrecht

    Find out what you can expect from Boekhouder Amsterdam

    • Professional advice in choosing the right business form for your situation. Whether it concerns a sole proprietorship, general partnership (VOF), limited partnership (CV), partnership, or private limited company (BV), we are here for you.
    • Practical tips and smart tricks to reduce your tax burden.
    • Accurate preparation of your Profit and Loss Statement.
    • Timely and correct submission of your quarterly VAT return.
    • Professional care of your income tax return.
    • Support in applying for a deferral for your income tax (income tax).
    • Drawing up a balanced balance sheet for your company as at 31 December.
    • Efficient handling of all correspondence with the Tax and Customs Administration.
    • Possibility to request a postponement of your income tax return, if desired. Postponement is requested until 1 September.
    • Competitive rates for our services.
    • And finally… As a starting entrepreneur, you benefit from free start-up guidance.

    Find out how Boekhouder Amsterdam can help you with your accounting needs and tax obligations. Contact us today for more information or a no-obligation consultation.

    Of course, every company is unique. That’s why we look at the person behind the entrepreneur. You are not a number with us, but you get Personal advice tailor-made. For example, you can contact us for answers to the following questions:

    • How many clients do you need exactly?
    • Can I award my partner an employment allowance?
    • Do I put the car on the company now or is it better to keep it private?
    • When am I entitled to the self-employed person’s deduction?

    Your personal administrative partner in Amsterdam

    Furthermore, we are your personal administrative partner. So as an administration office:

    • We process your entire self-employed person’s administration;
    • You can reach us by phone seven days a week, twelve hours a day. So even after 5 p.m. and even on weekends;
    • Pay you the way you want: by the hour, by the month or by the year;
    • And what’s more, we don’t send unexpected invoices. As a result, you know exactly where you stand in advance.
    • We are not only your personal point of contact, but also act as your representative for the Tax and Customs Administration.

    Switching to Boekhouder Amsterdam

    Nowadays, switching bookkeepers or accountants has become increasingly popular. Clients have more choices and are no longer tied to the same office they used to work with for years.

    The modern self-employed person and the accounting profession have become much more flexible these days. Because communication via email and social media is easier than ever and exchanging documents is effortless. That’s why switching accountants is now becoming more and more common.

    Why entrepreneurs choose us

    We are an office that keeps up with the times. Despite our relatively low prices, we offer a comprehensive service.

    In addition, you can reach us seven days a week, including after five o’clock and on weekends. We speak the language of the self-employed and are happy to be your modern partner who thinks along with you.

    In addition, we offer a free transfer service. This means that we take care of the handling and transition from your old accountant to Boekhouder Amsterdam for you. We first request your complete file, then delve into it and finally start from there, so that you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

    A good start as a self-employed person is often not a flying start, as success as a self-employed person typically requires patience, dedication and strategic planning. Hopefully, what drives you is passion, intrinsic motivation and good ideas. In addition, we are happy to act as your sparring partner and offer support with:

    • Advice on tax benefits, such as tax deductions and exemptions.
    • Filing your tax return with the Tax and Customs Administration.
    • Assistance with discussions with the bank.
    • Setting up your self-employed administration and advice on business banking and mt-940 files.
    • Registration with the Chamber of Commerce.
    • Understanding the taxes and insurance you will have to deal with.


    We have a lot of experience with deductions and can support you with this. Below are some examples:

    AOV premium

    The premium paid for disability insurance is deductible on your income tax return. Please note that the premium is not deductible on your profit and loss account.

    Self-employed person’s deduction

    If you work at least 1,225 hours per year for your own business, you are entitled to the self-employed person’s deduction of € 7,280. This includes not only the direct hours you spend on your work, but also travel hours, time spent on quotes, accounting, networking events, social media, and creating your website.

    Co-worker deduction or employment remuneration for a tax partner

    If your tax partner cooperates with your case, for example by taking care of the administration or in another way, and this amounts to more than 525 hours per year, you may be eligible for co-worker deduction. If your partner doesn’t have an income of their own, it can sometimes be more cost-effective to actually pay him or her, which is known as employee compensation. In that case, the co-worker deduction will of course lapse.

    Car Expenses

    Many self-employed people in Amsterdam use a car for business purposes, the costs of which are (partially) deductible.

    Old and new cars parked on an Amsterdam canal. For example, if you use a private car for business mileage, you can deduct 21 cents per kilometer driven from your profit.

    If you have the car in your company’s name, a different arrangement applies. Please note: if you cannot prove that you drive less than 500 kilometres per year privately, a substantial addition will be calculated based on the new value of the car.

    As a self-employed person, you can contribute a 15-year-old private car to your company, according to self-employed accountant. The big advantage is that you only have to add 35% of the current value. This is calculated on the basis of the lower current market value instead of the (old) official purchase price.

    Buying a car as a self-employed person

    Indeed, when you buy a car, you can deduct all expenses for business, including petrol, maintenance, road tax, and insurance.

    Let me give an example to illustrate it. Let’s say you buy a 15-year-old Volvo with only 200,000 kilometres on the odometer reading for €5,000. The addition for this car is 35% of € 5,000, which amounts to € 1,750 per year.

    This will then cost you relatively little net, namely € 866 per year (based on a tax rate of 49.5%). However, keep in mind that there is also an addition of 1.5% VAT.

    Let’s compare this to buying a new Volvo with a list price of €75,000. The addition for this would then amount to € 16,500 per year. This would cost you more than €8,000 net.

    By thinking along with you in this way, Boekhouder Amsterdam helps you save money.

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      Essentials for your income tax return

      After we filed the sales tax return in January, we will start preparing the final balance sheet and the income tax return in the following months. In principle, these documents will be prepared in March and April.

      Balance sheet at Boekhouder Amsterdam

      At the end of the financial year, we draw up your company’s balance sheet. The balance/book value of your bank account and assets on 31 December will be mapped. The balance sheet consists of:

      1. Your company’s assets, such as inventory, equity, receivables and cash.
      2. Your company’s liabilities, including sales tax payable, any loans, and outstanding accounts with creditors.
      3. The profit and loss account from our accounting package. This compares your turnover for the year (excluding VAT) with your costs (also excluding VAT).

      We include all these amounts in the income tax return, which we prepare and submit for you. Usually, this profit and loss account is sufficient. In the case of a mortgage application, we can draw up separate annual accounts, but this extra service is not included in the annual package and will incur additional costs.

      Please note: The work related to the delivery to banks for loan or mortgage applications in an SBR environment is not included in our all-in price. We do not carry out this work either.

      Ask your question to ZZP-Boekhouder Amsterdam

      Fill in the form below and we will email you back as soon as possible. Or call us on 06 1393 6399.

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        Did you know?

        In Amsterdam, the number of self-employed without personnel is increasing rapidly. There are currently almost 50,000 self-employed people working in the capital. And this is expected to increase further in the coming years.

        Self-employed in Amsterdam

        Questions from entrepreneurs for accountant Amsterdam

        What are the advantages of ZZP Boekhouder Amsterdam?

        As a self-employed person in Amsterdam, you know better than anyone how important good administration is. Fortunately, you can contact us for specialized administration support. With twenty-five years of experience in the field, we ensure that your administration is always in order.

        We understand that your schedule as a self-employed person is busy and that is why we are available seven days a week, twelve hours a day. Even after 17:00 you can still reach us and we are open on weekends. This allows us to respond flexibly to your needs.

        We offer you a no-obligation and free introductory meeting. During this meeting we can tell you more about our working method and how we can support you. Our fixed annual price ensures that you will never be faced with surprises and amounts to €960 excluding VAT.

        As a self-employed accountant, we ensure that you make use of all tax deductions and you can submit your bookkeeping online free of charge. We also offer extra start-up guidance for self-employed people.

        Thanks to our support, you will have more time for your partner and/or children. We would be happy to meet you during a free 30-minute introductory meeting at our locations in Haarlem or Amsterdam. There is no charge.

        Why is ZZP Boekhouder Amsterdam so beneficial?

        With us you get a clear, clear and honest administration for an advantageous annual price. We work from home and therefore do not have the costs of an expensive Amsterdam office space that we charge you. What you see is what you get.

        In addition, we invest heavily in the automation of processes, so that you can always receive all information digitally. This saves on paper costs. And let’s be honest, a luxury office with a new car in front of the door is no guarantee for timely and correct processing of the figures. So why should you pay for it?

        As a self-employed accountant, we don’t have to pretend to be more expensive than we are. We believe in transparency and honesty. Our prices are therefore advantageous and you will receive excellent service. Our focus is on providing high-quality administrative support so that you can focus on your work as a freelancer.

        Why does ZZP Boekhouder work with a fixed annual price in Amsterdam?

        Our fixed annual price is €960 excluding VAT and includes standard work if you provide your bookkeeping in a neat manner. We do not charge by the hour, because then you have uncertainty about the annual costs. That is why you will receive a quarterly invoice.

        NB: You will receive an audit that can take place at your home or at our office. At our office, we can collect the questions from the tax authorities and discuss them with you as a customer for an agreed fee. If you want us to go through your bookkeeping upfront, we will charge you extra fees that are not included in the annual package.

        What is useful in Amsterdam? A company car or not?

        Putting a car on the company seems advantageous for entrepreneurs, because the costs such as depreciation, parking fees (high in Amsterdam), fuel, insurance, maintenance, road tax can all be deducted from the company.

        But there is an addition of a maximum of 22% of the list price to the profit of the self-employed person, unless he can prove that he has another car privately and has not driven more than 500 km privately with the business car.

        With a new car, it is often cheaper to put it on the business. For an older car, an addition of up to 25% of the original list price and depreciation of the current value applies.

        If you, as a self-employed person, keep the car private, you can claim the business kilometers at € 0.19 per kilometer. And if you make more than 10% of the kilometers driven for business, you can deduct 75% of the VAT on all fuel and maintenance costs if you have the car privately.

        Are annual accounts mandatory for the self-employed person?

        Annual accounts are also not mandatory for entrepreneurs in Amsterdam, which can be a welcome cut for self-employed people. In recent years, a balance sheet plus profit and loss account have probably been enough for you.

        Fortunately, you don’t have to pay us anything extra for the preparation of these documents, as these costs are included in the annual price.

        ZZP Boekhouder works with entrepreneurs from all over Amsterdam

        Amsterdam is divided into seven districts, each with its own character and atmosphere. If you are looking for a reliable bookkeeper who works with clients from all over Amsterdam, then you have come to the right place at ZZP-Boekhouder. We help you manage your finances and comply with all tax obligations.

        So whether you are self-employed in Amsterdam-West, have a start-up in Amsterdam-Zuid or run a shop in the city centre, ZZP-Boekhouder offers a personal and professional service to have your entire bookkeeping in tip-top order.

        Collage with photo-images of different parts of Amsterdam.

        Business owners know how important it is to be aware of the local culture and economy. That is why many self-employed people and small businesses in Amsterdam rely on ZZP-Boekhouder for their financial administration and tax returns. No matter where you are located in Amsterdam, our service is always tailored to the specific needs of your business.

        Self-employed bookkeeper 06 1393 6399

        You can reach us 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

        Districts of Amsterdam

        • City Center – The historic heart of Amsterdam, with popular attractions such as Dam Square, the Rijksmuseum, and the canals.
        • Noord – A quiet, green neighborhood on the other side of the IJ, with lots of parks and modern architecture.
        • West – A diverse neighborhood with many students and creative industries, with popular neighborhoods such as the Jordaan and the Baarsjes.
        • Nieuw-West – A neighborhood that consists mainly of new-build homes, with parks and recreational areas such as the Sloterpark and the Nieuwe Meer.
        • Zuid – A chic neighborhood with wide avenues, large villas and the Vondelpark.
        • East – A multicultural neighborhood with lots of students, trendy restaurants and nightlife, and the Oosterpark.
        • Zuidoost – A neighborhood with many high-rise buildings and mainly housing corporations. Here you will also find the Amsterdam ArenA and the Ziggo Dome.
        Dam Square in Amsterdam with the text 'Accountant Amsterdam the specialist for the self-employed'

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          Peter werkt accuraat en is vakkundig. Staat je altijd netjes te woord en is... oplossingsgericht. Kan hem zeker aanbevelen.read more
          Ron Kanon
          Ik werk al jaren naar volle tevredenheid samen met Peter. Als zzp'er kan ik... met al mijn boekhoudkundige en fiscale vragen bij hem terecht. Hij is goed bereikbaar en antwoordt snel, heel fijn. Prettig contact, vriendelijk. Regelt de zaken netjes per kwartaal en per jaar. Op basis van mijn ervaringen raad ik ZZP-Boekhouder Peter Brink van harte aan!read more
          Marianne Molleman
          Rob Brink
          Zeer goeie ervaring gehad met deze boekhouders. Groetjes Ferdi
          Ferdi BikeCenter
          Goeie boekhouder. Altijd bereikbaar.Denkt snel mee in oplossingen.Heeft mij... in het begin heel wat ellende bespaard!read more
          Sancder Vos
          Goede dagPeter Brink is 100% te vertrouwenEen aanrader dus.Peter is al... 2jaar mijnBoekhouder en ben zeer tevredenFacturen boekhoudingread more
          Michael Martin Colombo
          Peter Brink denkt mee, reageert snel en is betrouwbaar. Hij is goed... geinformeerd over nieuwe regelingen/besluiten voor ZZP'ers. We werken al jaren met ZZP Boekhouder.read more
          Karin Frenay (Karin Frenay Artworks)
          Ik René Mulder van Mulder Security zit nu vanaf 2015 bij Peter en kan niet... anders zeggen dat ik zeer tevreden ben als ik vragen heb gaat hij er gelijk mee aan de slag en komt ook met de juiste oplossingen en antwoorden helemaal topPeter is een aanrader voor een iederread more
          Rene Mulder
          I am very happy with Peter's work and all his help in the last 3 years. We had... a few complicated issues, but he always helped out to sort out the necessary documents, including reports and balances for mortgage request.read more
          Zoltán Pásztor
          Zeer tevreden met de service van Peter. Hij heeft mij heel goed geholpen!
          Kiki von Meijenfeldt
          Ik laat al bijna vier jaar mijn boekhouding doen door Peter. Altijd een... prettige ervaring geweest.Peter is goed georganiseerd, betrouwbaar en snel met antwoorden. Wat ook fijn is dat hij goed en duidelijk dingen kan uitleggen die ik niet begrijp. Hij neemt de tijd om je te helpen, ook als dat wat extra werk betekent. En in mijn ervaring is Peter heel accuraat in zijn werk. Daarom mag hij mij tot een van zijn trouwe klanten rekenen.read more
          Lovely Uhlenbeek
          Gedegen geadviseerd en snel doorverwezen
          petra maas
          Ik ben al sinds 2010 klant bij Zzp-boekhouder/Peter. Naar alle... tevredenheid.Het is een verademing om iemand te hebben die altijd bereid is met je mee te denken en je daarbij niet het gevoel geeft dat je ‘domme’ vragen stelt. Dat heb ik helaas wel eens anders meegemaakt.Net als veel andere kleine ondernemers, zijn financien nou niet bepaald mijn hobby en dan is het prettig om iemand te hebben die je daarbij helpt en een beetje flexibel is. Dat Peter een vast bedrag rekent, is daarbij prettig overzichtelijk. Altijd snel bereikbaar en niet te beroerd om als nodig net een stap harder te lopen. Echt een aanrader!read more
          Linda Metman
          Peter is bereikbaar, snel en zeer behulpzaam. Nadat ik hem voorstelde waarmee... ik hulp nodig had heeft hij mij voorzien van zakelijk advies en hulp gegeven exact waar ik het nodig had. Ik ben erg tevreden en beveel Peter dan ook absoluut aan!read more
          Marc Smeets
          Peter heeft mij geholpen met een aantal boekhoudkundige probleempjes waar ik... zelf niet uit kwam, Peter is heel direct en duidelijk.Een vakman!!!read more
          barry schouten
          I’m very satisfied to do my administration with Peter. I recommend! It’s easy... to get contact with Peter in English.read more
          Katarzyna Konieczna
          Als architectenbureau zijn we geen makkelijke klant voor een boekhouder. Ons... hoofddoel is niet direct het ondernemerschap. Onze focus ligt op mooie dingen maken. Ondertussen zitten we al jaren bij Peter Brink. Hij is een heel goed vakmens die voor ons naast de vaste boekhouding zelfs prognoses maakt en liquiditeitsbegrotingen opstelt. Maar vooral waarderen wij zijn menselijke kant. Hij kan zich heel goed inleven in onze situatie en denkt altijd met ons mee. Top boekhouder!read more
          Ruud Visser
          Im very happy to do my administration with Peter. Always Professional and... helpfull!read more
          Damian Rydel
          Als ZZP’er zocht ik naar een goede, betrouwbare en betaalbare boekhouder. Ik... ben bedrijfsmatig met hele andere dingen bezig en ik heb weinig of geen aandacht voor mijn boekhouding. En ook geen zin in.Gekregen waar ik naar op zoek was. Iemand die mij persoonlijk kan adviseren bij vragen en mijn aangifte inkomstenbelasting en jaarrekening wil verzorgen. En dat doet hij goed: degelijk advies en overzichtelijke stukken. Op mijn vragen werd binnen 24 uur gereageerd. Snelle service dus, uitstekend geholpen. Vakman.Daarom heel erg blij met Peter.read more
          mark sluiter
          Goed bereikbaar. Heldere communicatie. Geen gedoe. Een aanrader!
          Martin Faas
          I'm very happy I found Peter (ZZP Boekhouder). He is very experienced about... freelancer accounting and always gives me great advice about my business, expenses and invoicing. Can only recommend his service!read more
          Szonja Kisgergely
          Super snel en duidelijk geholpen!
          natalie bogtman
          Ik werk nu ruim 3 jaar met Peter als boekhouder. Prima boekhouder. To the... point. Altijd bereikbaar en vrijwel direct antwoord op vragen. Dat is heel fijn.read more
          Reggae Agenda.NL
          Zeer kundig, super vriendelijk, service gericht en betrouwbaar. Inmiddels al... vele jaren een goede partner.read more
          Boudewijn En Roekshane Pool
          Peter, is pragmatisch deskundig en zeer toegankelijk. Goed bereikbaar met een... snelle reactietijd. Zeer tevredenread more
          Robert van de Velde
          Peter doet al aantal jaren mijn boekhouding. Hij denkt met je me mee en komt... met informatie die betrekking heeft op je eigen branche of persoonlijke omstandigheden.read more
          Jeannette Huiberts
          Peter is praktisch, snel en deskundig. Verstaat zijn vak en komt met... besparende tips. En wat me extra aanspreekt is dat hij echt geïnteresseerd is in mijn vakgebied (coaching / persoonlijke ontwikkeling).read more
          Jules Frenay
          Peter staat altijd klaar met raad & daad. Snelle reactie prijs... kwaliteitsverhouding top!!read more
          Judica Verbaas
          Peter is very good in His profesion. Always answering or calling back very... soon. . Always looking for the best solutions and His English is also good. Im very happy to have my documents in his hands!!!!Greetings Kamilread more
          Kamil Magdzinski
          Peter heeft mij enorm geholpen met mijn bedrijf en begeleid in het nemen van... juiste beslissingen aangaande bedrijfsinvesteringen. Heel fijn dat hij ook in de avonduren bereikbaar is !!!read more
          Maravilha Maastricht
          Kan niets anders zeggen dan dat ik zeer tevreden ben. Het is een prettig idee... wanneer een professional met je meekijkt en waar nodig aan de bel trekt of tips geeft. Een goede boekhouder neemt je een aantal zaken uit handen. Dat geeft rust. Daarnaast is ZZP-boekhouder scherp geprijsd. Ook niet onbelangrijk. Top service!read more
          W Equirk
          Waar ik behoefte aan heb is een vraagbaak. Een plek waar in vragen kan stellen... en kan sparren. Een service die betrouwbaar is en goed werk levert. Dat heb ik gevonden. Ik weet vooraf precies wat de kosten zijn en wanneer ik vragen heb, kan ik altijd bellen. Ik ben zeer tevreden.read more
          Pin 12
          Vooral op de hoogte van actuele wijzigingen in het zwalkenede overheidsbeleid.... VAR, Modelovereenkomsten etc. Denkt mee!read more
          Vincent van Witteloostuyn
          Zit nu 2 jaar bij Peter en het bevalt goed. Hij is goed bereikbaar, zegt waar... het op staat en handelt snel. Hij denkt goed mee voor mij als ZZP'er. Zijn eigenzinnigheid kan ik waarderen en komt ook ten goede van mijn bedrijf. Ik kan Peter "ZZP Boekhouder" zeker aanraden!read more
          Gideon Biegstraaten
          Vanaf het moment dat ik ZZP-er werd, werk ik samen met Peter. Hij reageert... snel op mijn vragen en is heel nauwkeurig. En dit voor een scherpe prijs!read more
          Nikolett Törteli
          ZZP Boekhouder, de naam omschrijft alles waar hij voor staat. Een uitstekende... boekhouder voor een zzp´er. Snel en volledig. Een aanrader!read more
          Remco van der Linden
          Goed bereikbaar- letterlijk én figuurlijk, professional- haalt het beste voor... jou uit je boekhouding, denkt in mogelijkheden, eigenzinnig- past goed bij een zzp-er :). Nog niet gebeld? Zou ik wel doen!read more
          Esther Hooijmaijers
          goede, snelle service!
          Vincent Vonk
          Altijd snel reactie op vragen en dus goed bereikbaar!
          Wicky van Zelst
          Ik werk al jaren samen met Peter van ZZP Boekhouder en ben zeer tevreden. Wat... ik vooral prettig vind is dat ik altijd terecht kan voor vragen. Een mailtje of een telefoontje en ik krijg meteen antwoord, zelfs in het weekend. Ik vind de service ook heel compleet. Al met al een aanrader voor iedere zelfstandige!read more
          Dave van Deudekom

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